Vargis Jacob & Associates (“VJA”) had been started in the year 1987 by Mr. Vargis Jacob who started off as a proprietor. The team was built slowly and gradually which at present is a family of professionals.

The firm has been established to provide a platform for development of an institution to nurture the talent and create a quality hub to cater for the ever increasing demands of the business community. The strategic priorities of VJA are focused on delivering value to its clients through the achievement of sustainable, efficient and reliable professional aptitude. Such confidence shall be attained while respecting quality and sovereignty.


Our mission is to serve our clients with creativity, which is brought about by out of the box thinking, enthusiasm, which stems from the blend of young, experience and dynamic team members, diligence assured by cumulative years of firms experience and vision which is captured by pre-empting client needs. This principle is at the heart of our work.


Our strategic policy is concentric operations and accordingly we render specialized and innovative professional services with speed, accuracy and reliability. It is speed that derives from sizeable infrastructural support and an extensive base of associates, accuracy that result from an understanding of the science and reliability that only commitment can bestow.



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